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    Justin Dennison66


    There is no inherent link between Atom and Python. I use the Atom editor to obtain syntax highlighting and a little help. We could technically use any editor to write our Python code as long as the editor is producing raw text. After the install, you should be able to type python --version in the terminal window to check that Python is installed. If that works, then you should be able to run any of the Python files that you write by typing python main.py (if the file is named main.py).

    Let me know if you run into any other issues.

    Justin Dennison

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  • Cherokee Boose


    Adam and I are scheduled to begin re-shooting the 70-744 within the next couple of weeks. I would guess to say early next week. Also, Practice Labs currently does not have corresponding labs. I'm pretty sure Adam will still be using them to demonstrate with. In the past he has used the existing infrastructure to build upon. I hope this helps!

    Thank you,

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  • Ronnie Wong


    I also forgot before everything is done and back to operation make sure your the config-register is back to 0x2102. If you happened to change it at some point! Just want to make sure!

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  • Ronnie Wong


    Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot for me and inspire me to do better. Would you mind if I pass your name onto our team for a possible promotional testimonial? Its ok if not.

    Please share us with your friends and others who may be need the same certification training you've accomplished too. :)

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  • Ronnie Wong

    @ayodeji-oyekunle-0 said in RECOVERING IOS IMAGE FOR CATALYST 3550:

    switch: flash_init
    switch: load_helper

    switch: dir flash:
    • look at output...do you see an image name or not. Try to determine what is taking up space on your flash.
    switch: delete flash: <image file name>
    Are you sure you want to delete "image file name." (y/n)? y
    switch: dir flash:
    • Delete file that is taking up too much Flash and verify it is no longer on flash after deletion.
    switch: copy xmodem: flash:c3550-ipservicesk9-mz.122-44.SE6.bin
    • to transfer to flash via xmodem

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  • Ronnie Wong

    Congrats, the ITProTV team celebrates with you! Please let me know if there were any areas that we didn't cover. This will make it better next time! you can post here or email me ronnie@itpro.tv. Thanks!

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  • wes-bryan

    @ADEBAYO-AKINSIPE that is a couple of great questions, let us see if we can help you with them.

    Q1 - I need a little more context as to what you mean about "the faith of the current students". Can you clarify this for me?
    I am going to try to answer this one, if a student is currently studying for the 900 series, they will have a great body of knowledge already for the 1000 series exams. The student/exam candidate will be responsible for supplementing the additional (new) topics as required by the CompTIA issued objectives. Now with that said usually when CompTIA issues the new objectives they will also set a retirement date for the prior series exam. This is usually 6 months after the new exam series is released, the existing 900 series in this case will still have a valid exam until around July 2019 (This is always subject to change by CompTIA) if the trend of prior series releases stay true.
    Q2- We will have the 220-1000 (Core 1, Core 2) on the site ready to go Jan. 15th 2019.

    If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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  • Angie

    @brock-frary With other training options, we really appreciate you choosing ITProTV. We do our best to keep our certification content updated. Thanks for watching!

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  • A
    Adam Gordon


    I hope all is well. Mighty TALL order you have tasked me with here, let's see what we can do to whittle this down to a manageable size, shall we?

    I will take them in the order that you asked them in:

    1. What are the forest and domain functional level requirements for each feature of AD FS? Ie.. Device registration, certificate authentication, etc...

    Check out the following to get the Low-Down across the Feature set for ADFS:


    1. What is the default Farm Behavior Level of newly deployed AD FS installs? Does it matter what the existing forest/functional levels are?

    AD DS requirements - This is where it gets CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZY ... :)

    Domain controller requirements:

    AD FS requires Domain controllers running Windows Server 2008 or later.

    At least one Windows Server 2016 domain controller is required for Microsoft Passport for Work.

    Domain functional-level requirements:

    All user account domains and the domain to which the AD FS servers are joined must be operating at the domain functional level of Windows Server 2003 or higher.

    A Windows Server 2008 domain functional level or higher is required for client certificate authentication if the certificate is explicitly mapped to a user's account in AD DS.

    Schema requirements:

    New installations of AD FS 2016 require the Active Directory 2016 schema (minimum version 85).

    Raising the AD FS farm behavior level (FBL) to the 2016 level requires the Active Directory 2016 schema (minimum version 85).

    Service account requirements:

    Any standard domain account can be used as a service account for AD FS. Group Managed Service accounts are also supported. The permissions required at runtime will be added automatically when you configure AD FS.

    Group Managed service accounts require at least one domain controller running Windows Server 2012 or higher. The GMSA must live under the default 'CN=Managed Service Accounts' container.

    Sooooooo... what does all that actually mean?

    Well several things actually, but take a look at the following as, it explains the FBL concept, versioning and how it all comes together:


    If interested in what Server 2019 does to the mix, check out the following:


    1. Is workplace join the same as device registration?

    No. Although a little dated, the following gives you a good overview idea of the differences:


    Hope that helps to put things in perspective and move you in the right direction(s).

    Let me k now if you have any follow up questions.



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