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    Craig McMillan

    Looking forward to

    AZ-100: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment
    AZ-101: Microsoft Azure Integration and Security

    Will Adam Gordon be presenting these?

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    Dan Kauffman

    I could have sworn before I saw that there was a CCENT accelerated course. I planned on watching it after finish the CCENT series, which I have done. It was listed as a great test-prep course as well, I remember it clocking in around 12 hours. Has it been removed? I didn't see it under legacy courses either.

    Thank you

    EDIT: Okay so I checked again and found it under legacy courses. I seem to recall it wasn't located there before. Is the content no longer valid? It still says it is for the 100-105 exam.

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    Cole Maki

    @ wes-bryan I have the same questions Andrei C has. When I'm looking it doesn't show it broke up as 220-1001 & 220-1002. I was really wondering are all the videos going to be new i had a very hard time grasping the networking portion of the 901-902 so I would really love to see that explained a different way or just again and maybe there will be something that clicks with me and will help me out there..
    This is stressful I got a voucher for the 901 doubt that would work for one of the core exams... =/ I don't want to spend the next 6 months studying and have a chance of failing and going back and just wishing I started over again and committed myself like I should have a year ago...
    I feel so stupid it's the memorization of stuff that has me off alot of the times from just gazing over these exam objectives it looks like I might as well roll the dice on the 901-902.

    So to sum it up

    • all new videos for each section not copied over from the 901 or 902 series?
    • when will they be split up??
      *im sure the practice exams etc will come along within the next month?
      *probably not a good idea to dodge this and just take the 901-902 isn't going to help me when I actually get a job in IT, if I don't know it I don't know it and thats not going to help if I want to actually have a career in IT.. Just very intimidated sorry for all the bleh...

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    Andrei C


    A few questions about the training for the new CompTIA A+ certification, exams 220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (Core 2).

    • Will it be split in two parts covering the two exams, just like the 900 series is? Now it’s just one (CompTIA A+ Core 2019 (In Production)). If yes, when?
    • Will there be practice exams for them? Is so, when?
    • Will there be practice labs for them? Is so, when?

    Thank you!

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    James Parsons

    Back in May 2018, @Angie suggested that an updated Cloud+ course is taking a backseat to vendor-specific cloud courses, because AWS/Azure/GCP certs are more valuable to employers than Cloud+.

    By October, she said "As the Official Video Partner of CompTIA we will be updating [Cloud+] in Q1 2019."

    Judging by @Justin-Dennison66's list of planned courses, I'm guessing that Cloud+ CV0-002 is on the back-burner again.

    While I like the idea of vendor-neutral certs in general, I think prioritizing AWS and Azure courses is the right thing to do. It's what employers care about (and pay high salaries for).

    Fun fact: AWS Associate and Professional certs provide enough CEUs to automatically renew the Cloud+. So does the MTA Cloud Fundamentals cert.

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    James Parsons

    I'm really glad to see the AWS Big Data Specialty on the list. Plenty of TWIT Security Now viewers will like the AWS Security Specialty. (When you record the AWS Security Specialty course, make sure to have Leo Laporte mention it in your Security Now ads.)

    I'm currently going through your AWS Solutions Architect Associate course. I don't see AWS Solutions Architect Professional on your to-do list. It would be nice as a way to add extra solutions architect depth, even for people just planning to take the Associate-level exam. Just a thought.

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