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    James Parsons

    As of this past week, the course is/was still in production.** What you're seeing is the part of the course that has already been recorded. The unavailable topics haven't been recorded yet.

    ** Microsoft just announced that they are retiring AZ-100 and AZ-101 on May 1, so it's unlikely that the course will be completed in its current form. AZ-100 and AZ-101 are being replaced by AZ-103 on May 1. I'm guessing IT Pro TV will rework their plans for AZ-100/101 and record an AZ-103 course instead. See Mike Rodrick's comments near the bottom of this thread.

    If anything I said is incorrect, hopefully someone from IT Pro TV will correct it on Monday.

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    Daniel Loyer


    In Episode (Configure Networking Part 6) your talking near the end of the show, that your using Powershell to enable or block ? Apptrigger VPN, so in a sense your limiting the amounts of apps a user can use while using VPN into a company's internal networks, is that right? I also recall in other shows, that practicing any PowerShell commands can "mess" up your computer, so having a "VirtualBox" is probably a good idea?

    Dan L.

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    Daniel Loyer

    Hi Cherokee Boose:

    In the Overview or Introduction to the Microsoft Exam 70-698? you mentioned that Book Author have hard time keeping up with up-to date IT related information or content especially when it comes to Microsoft Exam Content, well up-to-date or current information in regards to any Microsoft Certification exam content, you mentioned something lime doc microsoft or Microsoft Doc? do you the exact URL? in regards to the 70-698 exam, here's a list of Videos and Resources that I am using to help me prepare for the MS Exam 70-698:

    ITPro.TV ( I better list this one first,cause I might get in trouble with ITPro..LOL)
    TestOut/Labs (testouts.com)
    Safari/Oreilly Online Books ( I have full access to books and Videos)
    Packt Publishing (Online Books, but its mostly related DevOP and Programming)
    Lynda.com (but not as much content on the 70-698 Exam)
    MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy, but its ending soon April 2019?) a good "free" IT Resources.
    Microsoft related websites

    but finding good and reliable information in regards to this exam is really hard to find and hope to pass this exam

    Dan L

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  • D
    Daniel Loyer

    Current Branch
    Current Branch for Business
    LTSB Now LTSC?

    I really like to know more about each of the Branches, and the Rings which I have no ideas what that is?

    Dan L.

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  • R
    Richard Scaglione

    When trying to take the AZ-100 course, Only the "Deploy and Manage VM" topics are available. I'm unable to click any of the other topics

    Episode Topics List
    Manage Azure Subscriptions and Resources
    Implement and Manage Storage
    Configure and Manage Virtual Networks
    Manage Identities

    Can you look into why the other topics are not clickable or available?

    Rich Scaglione

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    Oskars Naumanis

    Is it possible to include feature in course library that would show new courses that have just been created/uploaded or and in production?

    Also. ability to save courses to favourites or playlist would be great feature as well.


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  • S

    It would also be helpful to show the duration of the course in the description. Otherwise you have to click into the course and it will add it to your "Recent Courses" which you're actually not watching. Sometimes when you have 10 minutes, it's when you want to watch short quick courses.

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    Daniel Loyer

    Hi :

    I writing to see if this is the updated 70-698 Objectives, since Microsoft 'loves" to change or update information in regards to their Microsoft Exams, too bad they couldn't prolong the 70-698 exam until April 30th 2019, just like the 70-697 Exam which ends April 30th 2019.

    here's the link, which should re-direct to a pdf document



    Dan L.

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  • Ronnie Wong


    Please submit this through our support link. It may be an error that is happening. Submitting it will be much quicker and give you direct response rather than our forums which are for content related questions answered by the Edutainers. You can email support@itpro.tv.

    Thank you!

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