I had no idea where to post this as the idea is complete lunacy but I though I would ask anyway. I had a thought of setting up 3 windows 7 Pro boxes all at different locations and VPN them together. Set them up on a live file sync so that a change on one is propagated to all the others. I have done all of this successfully. The last part I am not sure about though. Right now I have all 3 "servers" in my mapped network drives and I just choose one when I want to use it. Is there any way using 3rd party software to make a single SMB share check multiple IP destinations and then choose the first one that responds and use it. My though would be to make this like a distributive server and have a single smb share. To the user (my family members) this would appear to be one server but it would have a safe failover should one of the 3 connections go down. I know something like this could be done with data center edition but this is just a silly test thing. My guess the way this would work is that the software would create a fake smb share and then it would go down the list of IP addresses when opened and grab the first one that responds. Another cool trick would be to test the connection speed to all server and choose the fastest available server.