Over in the thread where I posted the following:


I mentioned some advanced Productivity skills that have me Taking Action and Moving Ahead!

I offered to briefly list it out for whoever was interested in taking a look at what has gotten me up and moving this year. It has helped me so much that I thought I would go ahead and make a separate post on it.

After years and years of research of using this, that and the other thing, here are my goto Systems for really Getting Things Done:

  • Journaling: I start this by, at the end of the day, writing down the top 5 Best Things that Happened that Day. Then the top 5 Best Things I want to happen tomorrow. What I (& YOU too if you will only just try it) find over a period of time is, I begin to notice that having the same 24/hrs/day I've always had, that if I do certain things, I have a MUCH more fluent, productive day. After doing this for a little while, coupled with my IT & Marketing background, the ideas for life, my business - everything started flowing like crazy. I have to make sure I capture and record it on paper to get things out out of my that cxazy head of mine. Then as I am writing, I have a way of figuring things out on what action I need to take. Highly recommended!

  • Having the right Planner brings these great ideas together into formulating a plan of action! My top recommendations are the "Panda Planner Pro, or the color edition." Some of the most important parts of the Panda Planner is starting the day out with a gratitude list, some good habits and actually planning the day. Then at the end of the day, I review and then plan out the next day. **If you too will do this on a Monthly, Weekly & Daily basis, if you will follow this, I can guarantee you exponential results! **

  • Those two could be enough for some / most people. But for the overachiever, Implementing a physical Kanban board is just as important as the above two combined for actually getting the day to day tasks done. The Kanban board is a visual way of seeing progress for one. And two, a way of keeping up with it and making sure it gets done. I took my Kanban board and set it up for my Bookkeeper for invoicing and she took to it like a duck to water. She prioritizes what to do next, works on it, puts it in the Done column and starts on the next one. Then I got myself an even bigger one for me. I already have thoughts of using a giant writing pad up on a tripod, setting up a portable Kanban board, and using it for projects. That way the entire Team knows what has been done and what needs to be done next. Think of how much heartache that is going to fix all by itself!

Now that you know what they are and how I use them, here are some additional Resources you may find helpful:

  • Journaling: In addition to what I mentioned up above, that comes from Dan Sullivan's 21 Day something or other. Also, look up Jim Rohn Journaling on Youtube. Great video!

  • Planner: The Pro and the Color ones are nice and is what I currently have. When you get it, in the cover, he will have you go out to a site to signup for some short, free training vids on how to use it. Also, if you are into Pomodoro's, then by all means check out the "Freedom" & "Mastery" journals by Fire Nation. Awesome stuff! I like his morning routine of habits. And then like Panda's beginning and end of day review process - essential!

  • Jim Benson, the developer of the Personal Kanban, can explain it better than I can. Check out his 6mt video and his book on the following link: https://personalkanban.com/pk/personal-kanban-101/

I am pushing forward and doing things I have only dreamed about doing! I finally got to a point and said:


I started out working on just "me." Then it has easily transitioned into using these same tools in my business. I have been teaching a local class on this for some time. And what I can tell you is that the people that actually put in the time and use it, even 1/2 way, are more productive than they have ever been in their lives.

I have bought each one of my Team members a really nice Journal, something I will never ask to look at, but I do give them 15mts on my clock to fill it out at the end of the day with the 5 best things I outlined up above. I have also issued out the Panda Planner, color version. I told them I always want a manual record so we can go back and look at if need be. And it also gets them using some of the other functionality the Panda has I am really excited about, such as the morning and evening review process.

If I can get my IT business in shape and settled down, I will be teaching classes on it online next year and will be gearing towards a Master Class. But since I am such a nice guy, I have given you the blueprint to it.

All I ask is that you do NOT share this online anywhere! This is barely the skeleton of something that has turned out to be much bigger than I. And I am wanting to deliver it with quite the punch when I can.

Your feedback, if any, will be my reward for sharing something so special to me.

I challenge YOU to try just ONE of those tools for a week and see what a difference it makes in the quality of YOUR life, business and/or work. Don't make it too hard. Pick one. Just start doing. The understanding will come later.

Fake it 'til you make it I always say!

Don't try to do everything at 1x. Slow, but steady should be the course. I recommend start using one and get good at it. Then, if/when you are ready - usually after a week or two of use, piddle with one of the others ones.

This is my side pet project and is something I am very eager and excited about because it simply works when nothing else I have tried will. Not for the long term anyway.

If you are willing to give it a chance, you'll see. There are things you will get out of this by doing that you will never understand just by reading about it.

I would love to hear any and all feedback on it below.

I wish you the best!
Billy Springs

PS If you want to supersize it, get an accountability partner!!

  • Check in with each other at least 1x per week. Knowing I have to do that has made me make sure I have plenty to report back. If I am doing all this work, then I am expecting my buddy to be working it too. And I look forward to his report. Great stuff here guys! :)