Sorry to bother y'all just a few things. I have been trying to follow along on my own Virtualbox vm. Basically i've been repeating everything you've done during the lessons. I'm hoping that it will help me remember the commands. That being said i've noticed a few things that perhaps are just a local issue with my set up but i thought i'd at least say something incase it wasn't.
If i'm not mistaken you used centOs 6 which may be part of the problem but during the disk management episodes. I did a minimal centos 7 install and the default file system is xfs. this cause me a smidgen of problems with the resize2fs command. I'm also assuming that this is the reason why when i run fdisk to create a new partition that it wants me to specify sectors.....sectors.....
also this is completely unrelated but the last time i was running through setting up a LogicalVolume when i formated an 8Gib disk and gave it the starting and finishing sectors (stupid sectors) it said that it formated 8 gigs but then when looking at the pvdisplay it only registered as 817 .95 Mib.
any idea why?
if i come across anything else thats seems different while i'm following along i'll keep it to my self from now on.
-send help trapped under a pile of penguins sectors
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