Dear Support Team,
I am trying out one of the demos in Comptia Security + myself using 2 Win 10 Enterprise. I managed to get them setup on the same subnet with static IPs reserved on my DHCP. I also tweaked windows firewall so they could ping eachother. Everything okay so far.

Somthing I could not replicate was the ready made profiles that were shown (see attached) under connection associations.
![0_1563461435253_windows_security_associations.png](Uploading 100%)

The only way I could get some kind of privacy on the ICMP logs in Wireshark was by adding a profile here:
![0_1563297584061_cf5abda7-ee58-43c3-8d92-9697156bca1c-image.png](Uploading 100%)
![0_1563297718586_f457d52d-4b54-42df-b0b0-bc2b6a460997-image.png](Uploading 100%)

I would appreciate if you could guide me further on how to create the profiles in Security Associations > Main Mode / Quick Mode as shown in the tutorial.

thanks for your time.