Hello Don,

I watched the videos under Linux Server Administrator and Managing MacOS Server 10.13 regarding setting up SSL with Apache. I only used the built in Apache in Catalina. I also tried to get any documentation on setting up a Web Dev environment that will be hosted internally. I created myself an Internal CA thru OpenSSL and copied its root certificates to the client Mac and made it to trust it. I set up a separate MacOS device to be a Web Server and have its certificate signed by the CA to use. No matter what I do on the client end using Safari (other browser might be the same but have not tried it). Whenever I tried to connect to the test site using HTTPS it always get an error saying the certificate is invalid. I can do import it but there is already the CA's certificate installed and trusted. If i ever import the certificate (web server's one) it does go to the keychain and the errors goes away. I really want to make the certificate trusted in the first place. My apologies but nothing in the shows provided any help in trying to make internal certificates work. I am not a web developer in profession but I have this project to implement in our company using https to host files. Hoping you can help me in this regard.