Hey all, but more specifically for @Justin-Dennison66 .......
As an intro to myself I've been around computers for quite some time (non specific age spoiler lol), but just as an end user and not as a programmer. In attempting to get some of my CompTIA certifications I've found that Python is kind of a language that they expect us to be familiar with so I decided that I should probably familiarize myself with it more ergo that's why I'm here lol.
So far you've done an exemplary job in explaining how certain functions work and how to apply them and why!
However, (here comes the but lol) there's a lab in the course and specifically a task in which I don't understand the why.
In the lab 'Converting types in Python' Exercise 1: Task 2: Step 13

"#Convert an integer variable to character type
print('The character type of number 100 is:', chr(o))"

Now I understand the command structure as to what Python should output but what i don't understand is the answer or result
(result) "The character type of 100 is: d" (as a note this was a command also given in a CompTIA Fundamentals lab)

My question here is, (as was in the other lab) why does python assign the letter 'd'? Why not A or X? Inquiring minds need to know lol.