I´ve just finished the Scrum Master course, but somethings are still not clear to me:
1 –if the agile scrum project welcomes changes and we know that the customer constantly asks for changes, how can we put an end to a project . The customer is constantly adding things. What are the means we have to conclude the project
2. In the definition of done shoud always be considered the acceptance criteria for the tasks besides the criteria of the dev team(ex. Having done all tests , etc)
3. In the certified scrum master course, it is said that the maximum nr of team members is 10. In scrum guide it says, the dev team is 9 which means the maximum scrum team members can be 11(as it includes PO and SM). So is it 10 or 9 for the dev team?
4 – In scrum, when a question just refers to team, does that refers to the dev team or to the scrum team?–
5 – In the scrum course it is said, that No task should last more than 2 days. That’s what is said in the slide, but the presenter also applies the same criteria to story and task. Does this rule also applies to story or only tasks? If it is to both, how come is not written in the slide
6 When EXACTLY does the backlog refinement occur: immediately after the close of the sprint and before a start of a new sprint, or is done during the next sprint execution?
7 In scrum, For a sprint of two weeks the backlog refinement just occurs once or for a sprint of 3 weeks , can occur more than once?