I know ITProTV doesn't currently have any courses specific to this certification, but if anyone around here happens to have their CSSLP and could help me filter some of the ITProTV content that would would be very appreciated.

I know the CertNexus Cyber Secure Coder is on my agenda, I'll definitively be going through the last 3 sections of the CISSP content and anything/anywhere about OWASP. However, beyond that I am not sure what else on this platform would be highly applicable.

For context, I am a 12 year hobbyist/semi-professional programmer who has decided to stop performing miracles within a non-developer department and get dead serious about secure professional development. I am after my CASE, CSC & CSSLP-Associate among several other things not specifically related to secure development. Also note I am taking the rest of 2021 off for this in depth study. So, really any highly relevant resource you want to share would probably be helpful.