I just watched the Windows Deployment Services Part 2 Show. I got some comments and questions:
2:17 is it possible to install software like notepad++ using dism?
15:23 & 16:33
This is the link to the site where you can get the updates.

38:57 you try to enable the tenet client.
But it seems that you just get the featureinfos by running.
DISM /Image:C:\mount /get-Featureinfo /featurename:Telnetclient
You can see on 38:59 that the state is still disabled.
I think this command would do the trick:

dism /imageC:\mount /enable-feature /featureName:Telnetclient

41:22 the hosts use the example of "DONs XPS". But didn't they just import some windows updates and enabled the telnetclient? I guess that the imported drivers in drivergroup "DELL XPS" are unrelated to the install images, so that every install image can use the drivers in "Dell XPS" as long as the filter manufacurer "Dell" (set in 28:00) fits. So a name like "Windows 8.1 with updates and telnet" would fit better I think.