Two issues I've noticed with Transcender

  1. The Adobe Flash based exam questions (according to the exam) only work in IE. I had issues running them in Chrome so I exited my exam, then when trying to start the exam again in Internet Explorer I encountered (recocmended by the exam question) this next issue...
  2. A concurrency error. Even though I exited the exam and webpage it still thinks I am logged on so I'm now no longer to access the Transcender practice exams. I have lodged a ticket with Transcender to have this resolved.

My advice to other users is to try do the Transcender exams in Internet Explorer to (hopefully) avoid these issues. Hopefully Trancender can fix the concurrency issue shortly (I'll keep the thread updated).

Overall I'd like to say based on my brief experience with Trancender I'm liking it more than Measureup. Thanks to the guys at ITPro TV for the great resources provided.