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    Bradley Jumper

    The content is a little vague but it will suffice for the exam. I just passed CSA+ yesterday and found the videos on reviewing log content very helpful as I my background is mostly in system administration in the DoD sector. I viewed around 70% of the videos selecting what I thought would be relevant. The ones on the security tools, vulnerability scanning, and practical application stood out the most to me. I also read through the Sybex book by Mike Chapple once and went through the Transcender exams and flash cards a few times. I think I may have been around 60% my first time through after reading the Sybex book. It was a little discouraging but I just kept plucking away. I did pretty poorly on the Sybex practice and bonus quiz as well. The Transcender quizzes are great due to the feedback you get from the explanations. The labs were instrumental as well! I scored a 772 so it was close but I only studied for a good 2.5-3 weeks directly after passing CCNA. Watch the videos, do the labs, and get the Sybex book and you'll have all you need. I hope this helps and good luck!


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