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    The Android mobile app seems to show more videos for the 70-740 Win Server 2016 course (though 3 of the videos show a 0:00 Run Time) but when I login on the website I only see the first 10 initial videos.

    Website View:
    Install, Upgrade, & Migrate Parts 1-5
    Install & Configure Nano Server Parts 1-3
    Configure Disks & Volumes Parts 1-2

    Android App View:
    Those above +
    Install & Configure Hyper-V Part 1 (0:00 Run Time)
    Install & Configure Hyper-V Part 2
    Configure Virtual Machine Settings Part 1 (0:00 Run Time)
    Configure Virtual Machine Settings Part 2
    Configure Hyper-V Storage Parts 1-2
    Maintain Server Installations Parts 1-4
    Monitor Server Installations Part 1
    Monitor Server Installations Part 2 (0:00 Run Time)

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    I've also seen this as I was just trying to download more than one video at a time. Until its resolved a work-around was I had to select the videos I wanted to download and click the "Get Download Links" button to get the individual links to download one at a time.

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    I know the move to the new studio pushed back the schedule on the 70-740 course but will there be any practice labs/exams put in place or will this come after completion of course?

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