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    Jeremy Cooper

    Thanks for information Rick & Art.

    A little further digging found the following definition of a CI:
    "Any component or other service asset that needs to be managed in order to
    deliver an IT service. Information about each configuration item is recorded in a configuration record within
    the configuration management system and is
    maintained throughout its lifecycle by service asset and
    configuration management. Configuration items are under the control of change management. They
    typically include IT services, hardware, software, buildings, people and formal documentation such as
    ocess documentation and service level agreements."

    Hopefully someone is able to make sure I just didn't miss-understand what was said in the episode, or adds a correction if needed as it certainly confused me.

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    Jeremy Cooper

    I'm doing the Transcender practice exams for ITIL Foundation and came across the following question and explanation:

    *Which of the following are considered examples of Configuration Items (CIs)?

    options 1, 2, and 3 only
    options 1, 2, and 4 only
    option 1 and 2 only
    All of the options are correct

    ******* Explanation:
    All of the given options are considered examples of Configuration Items (CIs). A CI is defined as any asset or component that is under the control of Configuration Management.

    Other items that can be considered CIs include software, network infrastructure, and anything that is required to provide a service.

    CIs have attributes. Attributes are qualities of a CI that can be used to help differentiate it. Valid attributes of a hardware CI include the supplier's part number, the cost of the item, and a manufacturer's serial number.

    To record relationships between CIs, you could assess the impact and cause of incidents and problems, assess the impact of proposed change, plan and design a change to an existing service, and plan a technology refresh or software upgrade.

    Generic concepts and definitions
    Configuration item (CI)
    Foundations of IT Service Management with ITIL 2011, Service Transition Processes, Service Asset and Configuration Management, Key Concepts, pp. 199-202*

    However the episode seems to contradict this:

    "So remember how I said there's some things that you can't configure.So let's say, Ronnie, that you have intimate knowledge of our web server,right, and something that you're an expert on, that you know, and I want to have youinvolved in this service transition because I know you are the expert.Can I configure you?>> No. >> Not really right?So you are a true asset.But if you're working on a server and the server can be configured,we identify that way by calling it a CI, a configuration item."

    Could you provide some clarification?


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    Jeremy Cooper

    I was filling out the ITPro TV survey earlier today and got to thinking about how it would be nice to have a monthly or quarterly round table discussion on Enterprise (small to large) technologies, security news, new & upcoming software and hardware that could be of value to people and further research. I specifically mention this about ITPTV because of how I personally enjoy and respect how the hosts explain topics, and discuss them within the certification training they're presenting.
    Having something like this could then lead into a listener deciding to do one of the courses on here to become better versed in a subject or do further research. I realize this isn't the focus of ITPTV but possibly something to look into if enough people would be interested.
    Hopefully I'm not the only one that would enjoy and benefit from this

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