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    Rahim Mawani

    I had a bit of an odd issue with the downloading of shows on my Android Phone last week. As i was waiting to board my plane back to the UK, i downloaded several episodes of the AWS series to watch on the plane back. Downloading the 5 episodes on the app was completed, i checked one of the episodes and it played fine. On the aircraft at 30,000ft (without mobile signal) only the video that i had previewed in the terminal played. the others failed to play despite showing downloaded but with the error message unable to play video.,,,,how wierd is that?

    ive also managed to replicate the issue on the ground i downloaded a video and shut off the internet connect, i get unable to play video unless i switch on the internet.
    Has anyone else had this issue or have a fix or tell me what i am doing wrong?

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    Rahim Mawani

    Any news on when a Show on Aurora will be covered. I understand the 2018 CSA-A Exam will cover this at a high level.


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    Rahim Mawani

    OK So i sat down today and went through all the ITPRO.TV material and Other sources on the Internet and came up with this list of Topics for AWS 2018. I would appreciate any comments on whether these are still in the exam or any other topic i may like to consider. Thanks

    AWS Fundamentals
    AWS Global Infrastructure
    Security & Compliance
    AWS Platform Fundamentals

    Simple Storage Solutions (S3)
    Object Storage
    Buckets/Regions/Objects/keys /Object URLs
    S3 Operations & REST Interface
    Durability/Availability & Consistancy Of Data
    Access Control
    Static Web Hosting
    Bucket Policies
    Prefixes and Delimiters
    Storage Classes
    Object Lifecycle Management
    MFA & Delete
    Pre-Signed URLS
    Multipart Upload
    Range GETS
    Cross Region Replication
    AWS Certified Solutions Archtect 2018

    Elastic Block and Elastic File Storage (EBS/EFS)
    Storage Gateways

    Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
    EC2 Basics
    Instances types & AMI
    Instance Options& Stores
    Instance lifecycle
    Elastic Block Store (EBS)
    EBS Volumes
    Elastic file Store (EFS)

    Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    Internet Gateways (IGW)
    Elastic IP Addresses (EIP) and Elastic Network Interfaces (ENI)
    VPC Peering
    Security Groups and Access Control Lists (ACL)
    NAT Instances and NAT Gateways

    Virtual Private Gateways (VPG) and Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    Elastic Load Balancing
    Auto Scaling

    AWS identity and Access Management
    Root users
    IAM Users
    Roles & Temporary Security Tokens
    Authentication & Authorisation
    Rotating Keys
    Resolving Multiple Permissions

    Databases and AWS
    Amazon RDS


    DNS and Route 53


    Other Key Services:
    AWS Storage Gateway
    AWS Directory Services
    AWS Key Management Services
    AWS Cloud HSM
    AWS Cloudtrail
    Elastic Map Reduce
    AWS Data Pipeline
    AWS Import/Export
    AWS Opswork
    Aws Cloud Formation
    AWS Elastic Beanstalk
    AWS trusted Advisor
    AWS Config
    Elastic Container Service
    Elastic Transcoder
    AWS Cognito
    API Gateway

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    Rahim Mawani

    Thanks Ronnie, Makes sense

    Although maybe the Month and year when the show was released may be a way around that. So that it give us an indication of how current the shows is.

    eg. for the AWS exams released in April 2018, the show whether it be recorded in december 2017 or March 2018 will have an release date of April 2018. Just a thought.

    Also worth mentioning, If and when the objectives change perhaps it could be noted in the lecture notes at the bottom of the video any changes to the exam and any whitepapers the shows are based on. That way the membership can be assured that the information has been amended and referenced to it. That way the site is always relevant and as updated as it can be. Just another suggestion to make ITPRO.TV the best platform out there.

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    Rahim Mawani

    I notice that the show on SQS makes no mention of the FIFO (First In First Out). Since this was released before the 2018 AWS CSA A Exam revamp, I believe it could be contained within it. Perhaps a quick video introducing it may be help-


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    Rahim Mawani

    I think it would be a great idea for the record dates for each show to be shown beside each course/episode. It will enable us to see how current and up to date the information is and whether information may need to be supplemented from elsewhere when doing certs. In this fast pace world of IT, I appreciated it can be a struggle to prepare fresh content as technology changes.

    What do you guys think?

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    Rahim Mawani

    Hi All

    I´m just about to start my preparations for the 2018 AWS CSA hopefully by the end of January. I find it helpful to have a comprehensive list of topics which are required for the exam to hand when I´m studying the material so i can check it off as i go along. Does anyone have this ar know where i can find one?


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    Rahim Mawani


    Thanks Justin, Please let us know when this has been completed and released.

    many thanks

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    Rahim Mawani

    Hey Guys....Can anyone recomend a good AWS Solutions Architect text book,

    I was given the Sybex AWS CSA official study guide by Joe Baron for the previous exam and wanted something similar for the 2018 exam.

    the Sybex 2018 exam Study guide is only our in March 2019 :(

    is it worth purchasing a study guide? Is there much difference between the two exams?

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