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    Shreedutta Raut

    I took both the courses from here and passed both exams. I had the questions about differentiating both courses and exams. I am writing into this forum for anyone who has same concerns

    1. Both courses here have great instructors. It helped me to pass. The material/sample topic questions is nearly same - there are few differences.
    2. There are two sample papers here for SO. I found one in the download although in one of the videos Terry mentions 2 sample papers.
    3. The OSA exam was way more harder than the SO exam. I got 100% on SO but 85% on OSA.
    4. The answers are very close or nearly same for some of the OSA questions. There are questions that were testing your understanding about directory services or problem analysis techniques etc. To me, these are the things the depends on your choice or the organizations you work for. But again, I understand that they believe it is important for a practitioner.
    5. The Axelos website says OSA certification "module focuses on the practical application of OSA practices". This is very true.
    6. Reading the question very carefully is very important for OSA than SO - if one just wants to compare. A word 'global' in the question can mean change in the answer that is chosen.
      Good Luck!

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