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Is Deepin Linux trustworthy?

A question for Linux people out there.

I've been seeing quite a lot of stories on Deepin linux lately. Just curious what people here think about it. There seems to be some interesting desktop features. However I see there (at least in previous versions) were some major privacy concerns. Has anyone here used it? How does it compare for everyday use compared to CentOS or Ubuntu? Do you trust it?


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A+, Network+, IT Fundamentals

Preparing my first exam...

Hey guys!

First of all I want to mention that Don & Ron did a great job explaining the fundamentals of IT to me and my group! I just finished the CompTIA IT Fundamentals course and was wondering how to prepare for the exam. I am quite nervous about the exam but I think I'll pass it with the help of my peer group. Thank you in advance for helping me out.

PS: I know it's still night in Gainesville, I'll wait patiently untill you guys are awake. You earned your rest.
PSS: The exam is FC0-U61

Valentine, Motiv Academy, IJsselstein, The Netherlands.

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CCENT, CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Security
Renew my CCNA

Will have the new CCNA 2020 curriculum out soon?


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MTA, MCSA Windows 8, MCSE Windows Server 2012
studying for MCSA server 2016

@Wayne-Myrie-Jr The videos are a good primer, but you absolutely need to find other materials to go deeper into every topic. I can't imagine anyone would be able to pass using just the material in the videos. The tests can get very obscure and ask some super weird stuff.

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Security+, CASP, CEH, SSCP and CISSP
Ethical Hacking Report and firewall templates

Dear All,
Thanks for the great website,
I am trying to create a firewall documentation, there are any recommendation or any template for firewall documentation.

Second, I need Ethical Hacking Report template.

Thanks for help :)

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Test Link Locations?

@Ronnie-Wong Thank you for the reply. I did manage to find the test again and take it using the code on the bottom for a non-proctor test.

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IT Service Managment

ITIL RCV Exam Taking Tips

Hi William,

I wanted to leave it for a couple of days before replying in case anyone wanted to jump in and give their experience of the RCV exam specifically from a student perspective.

The materials for our ITIL v3 content was provided by our partner Passion IT, and they do use the official ITIL materials from Axelos so you should be able to follow the same sample paper as in the series episodes.

RCV examines IT change from more of a strategic level; for material relevant to the operational processes I would recommend the Service Transition series for you.

It is important to remember that you are going to be tested on the ITIL core publications, so whilst tying concepts into your daily routines will assist help you with context, it's important that you not be distracted by your daily routines during your exam.

We do have an exam hint & tips episode on youtube specifically aimed at ITIL exams that you may find helpful:

If you're looking for peer guidance, Quora may be a good forum to ask for opinions.

Good luck with your exam!

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AWS, Amazon Web Services, Cloud Services

AWS Storage Gateway as a VTL


Thanks for the answer Adam!

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Topics related to Microsoft Azure

Windows 10 Start Menu

Thank you Mike. I have enjoyed your InTune videos.

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Topics surrounding to VMware vSphere and related products

New expiration policy?


I hope all is well. The easiest way to address this is to point you to the VCP Recertification FAQ. Please take a look at the following:

Hope that helps to answer all the questions that you may have.



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