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@Kenneth-Bittala @Caldwell-Ellis We hope to implement a wishlist/bookmark/favorite or similar feature to the B2B plan assignments feature for individuals. As mentioned, our B2B plans do have custom learning module creation that can be assigned to a user. Also, our 4th row on the dashboard should help you jump between the most recent 12 courses if you jump around a lot. Thanks for the feedback, this helps us prioritize feature requests. In the future, just drop a quick line into our Member Services team via the chat bubble. We love to hear about feature requests from members!

Ryan, Product Team

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A+, Network+, IT Fundamentals, Security+, Server+

Doubt in SFTP.

Hello @wes-bryan .
I couldn't get why FTPS is not secure. Like that implicit and explicit one. SSL/TLS is again a good security protocol, right? Then like why FTP over SSL/TLS is a bad idea? What is so special in SSH that is missing in SSL/TLS?

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Ahhh now I got ya :)
I saw on the Infrastructure section episodes Anthony shows the network topology for explanation.


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MTA, MCSA Windows 10, MCSE Windows Server 2019

MD100 Study Guide

@Mike-Rodrick I'm planning on starting to study for this exam soon as well. Any idea when this course will be updated?

Btw, thanks for the AZ-900 training, managed to pass with a 878 score for that one thanks to you and Cherokee ;)

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Security+, CASP, CEH, CISM, SSCP and CISSP

ISC2 SSCP or CCSP Course Updates?

Not sure if this fell through the cracks. Reposting for help. Thank you!

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There are probably many people have stayed on the macOS for reasons like software wouldn't run on the newer version like Big Sur or even Catalina. But in your case, hardware is more difficult. With software, there's always a chance that a vendor may change code to support the newer version.

Some hardware vendors will figure out how to make it work but others will have to wait on collaboration with Apple to do so (e.g. 3rd docking stations that use display link software). I think I stayed on Yosemite a good while, finally just gave up on the docking station.

The big issue with staying with the current macOS is security bugs that will no longer be updated after the EOL. After a while, the next update will always be the next OS.

While you can probably remain functionally problem free, I would say that upgrading is something to consider especially because of security patches.

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IT Service Managment

ITIL V3 Service LifeCycle CSI Sample questions

I am not able to find the answers for the sample questions after each chapter.
Where do I find that?


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AWS, Amazon Web Services, Cloud Services

Why are the notes for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (SAA-C02) empty?

@Austin-Harisch The standard for notes is the objectives and a high-level overview of the episode. The Subject Matter Expert has the discretion to include additional detail and resources. Thank you for alerting us to the empty notes - like you sampled in the "Latency, Failover and Geolocation" episode! We will work to resolve that oversight in future iterations.
In the meanwhile, visit the AWS Certified Solution Architect information page - here you can download objectives, study guides and sample test to enrich your studies.

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Topics related to Microsoft Azure

Azure Bastion Service

Hello @PS4 ,

Sorry I missed this post.

Azure Bastion is deployed on a per virtual network basis. So you can use the Bastion service to connect to all of the VMs in the same virtual network.

To connect to VMs in other virtual networks, you have two choices. You can deploy Azure Bastion to the other virtual networks, or you can set up VNet peering between the vnets.

Deploying multiple instances of Azure Bastion can get expensive, but there might be business requirements that won't allow you to peer vnets.

In my demo environment, I use the peering option. I have Azure Bastion deployed to my hub vnet (this is also where my S2S VPN connects. Then when I deploy new VNets for demos/etc. I simply peer the new Vnet to the hub and can access the VMs. Then I can tear down the new Vnet when I'm done. and I don't have to deploy Azure Bastion over and over.

Currently the only session management available is a manual process. From the Azure Portal you can navigate to your Azure Bastion resource and select sessions. There you can monitor existing sessions, and force-disconnect a session.

The only way to connect to a VM using the Azure Bastion service is through the portal. A user would first connect to the portal, then browse to the VM they want to connect to and select Connect -> Bastion -> Use Bastion.

In order to make a connection, the following roles are required:

Reader role on the virtual machine
Reader role on the NIC with private IP of the virtual machine
Reader role on the Azure Bastion resource

Azure Bastion is not for everyday work by employees. It is for admins to manage VMs and the apps running on those VMs.

To provide end users with a VM, consider using Windows Virtual Desktop.

Hope this helps.

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Topics surrounding to VMware vSphere and related products

Request: VMware Horizon (VDI) content


Please submit this as a course request, via chat bubble, at our site. This will make sure that the request is logged along with others about the same course. This is the official way to insure that we log your request and it gets to the right team.

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PMP, Prince2, SCRUM, and Agile

Shout out to Jo and Cherokee , Accredited Agile Project Management Foundation (Scrum)

Congrats @William-Kubicz ! Jo and Cherokee know their stuff and their is definitely a method to their madness. Glad you were successful!

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