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Hello to everyone

Lately i often have to export data to external drive and normally i use rsync if i'm exporting from Linux or Robocopy if i m exporting from a Windows share.

Someone can tell me if aprt these there are some other tools (free or not) to do this ?

Thanks GIO

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A+, Network+, IT Fundamentals

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Study Group

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to share my experience with and taking the CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exam. I passed the exam in September of 2017 and it was my first experience with CompTia. I used mostly the Mike Meyers All-in-One Textbook for my studies. I would carefully read a chapter and when it came time for the quiz at the end of a chapter, I would take it, and not look at the answers or write in the book. Instead, I would write my answer on a sheet of paper and have a family member "grade" it while showing them where the answer key was, being careful not to see it. I was unsatisfied if I got below an 80%. Most quizzes were 10 questions. I would study the chapter more if that was the case.

When I came to the end of all the chapters in the book, the textbook also came with test-prep software. I did partake in the practice exams. I set the mode for no assistance, and test condition settings. I spent a couple weeks practicing getting used to exam format and when I really, truly felt confident, I booked an appointment at my local testing center. I was a bit nervous when I got to the testing center but the nice proctors there really eased my mind. They explained in detail how the exam will be administered. They held my cell phone/watch and everything on my pockets. They even checked my glasses for anti-cheating.

To anyone going to take this exam, I know it can be a bit stressful. I am still new to the world of IT, and back then in 2017 I didn't know about ITPro.Tv. My advice is study and make sure you understand the material and do not get frustrated if you do not get a topic the first time you read it. I didn't.

Right now I am starting my CompTia A+ Journey and it felt good to be able to share my experience with the IT Fundamentals Exam. I wish everyone the best of luck, and take care!

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CCENT, CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Security
CCNA Course Videos and Practice Labs.

Thank you for the reply Ronnie.

I will complete the course as you stated - "watch the episode and if I do a demonstration is make sure you understand it, then try and see if you can replicate it in the lab....if not at least use their lab to gain a similar understanding of the concept."

I will continue to watch videos and follow your demonstrations and exercises as per videos, along with the along with the practice labs to ensure the topic is fully understood and I can replicate the exercise.

Wish you all the best and thank you for the help.

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MTA, MCSA Windows 8, MCSE Windows Server 2012
Exhcange 2016 RTM update

Hello All,

I have been assigned to the task to update our company's exhcnage 2016 server.
I found out that is running the RTM version without a single CU update.

I am brainstorming how will the best way to to the update, to be safe and limit downtime.

So i am thinking couple scenarios which im not sure if are viable

Build a new exchange 2016 server with CU 12 and migrate over.
Does the old server needs to be at the same CU to do this scenario?
Running adprep - forestprep will it break up the old exchange server?

In place upgrade old server directly to CU12? i know its risky and requires lots of downtime

Build a new exchange 2019 server migrate over.
Does the old server needs to be updated to a certain CU level in order for this scenario to work?

Any help would be appreciated


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Security+, CASP, CEH, SSCP and CISSP
security +

Hello @zahir-humphries I am not familiar with ilabs so unfortunately I cannot recommend any tips on using it

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Recover permanently deleted note is not backed up in icloud nor Time machine


Unless you have another backup of some type, I do not believe you will be able to recover this note.

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IT Service Managment

Question on changes

@Matthew-Phillips Please chat in using the chat bubble when logged in so we can talk you through this.

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AWS, Amazon Web Services, Cloud Services

AWS SysOps Associate vs Others

You very well may have the general knowledge necessary to pass the SysOps Associate exam except for one key point, "Cloud the AWS way". What I mean by that is AWS has some interesting philosophies on naming services that can be a little difficult to parse as well as has some recommended ways to create a cloud solution.

Something that helped me, though it does cost a little more money, was taking the Cloud Practitioner exam. By taking that exam, I was able to validate my basic understanding of the core services in AWS. I really got a confidence boost by taking (and doing well on) this exam. Afterward, I would spend some time reading through the Well Architected Framework as well as creating some basic solutions in AWS based on that document. (Such as creating a static website using S3 and Cloudfront).

Hope that helps.

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Topics related to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure (AZ-104) (In Production)

@Kyle-Monschein , Just an additional note on what Mike has said above... Mike and I are adding some additional episodes to round out the course currently. As a result, the course will be reorganized and will undergo a relisting in the library to reflect the new episodes and to properly place them into the appropriate flow of the course.

The reason that I am mentioning it to you, is that it may make sense for you to wait approx. 1 week to start the AZ-104 course, as we are wrapping shooting at the end of this week, and then the "new" course will be put together and be available at the end of next week.

Hope that helps... :)


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Topics surrounding to VMware vSphere and related products

Which version of vCenter to run?

@chaune-weekes ,

I hope all is well. Great question !!! The short answer is "YES"...

You can use vCenter 7.0 to manage vSphere a mixture of vSphere 6.5 and vSphere 7.0 hosts, in a cluster or singularly.

You can read more about it here:

NOTE: you CANNOT use vCenter 7.0 to manage vSphere 6.0 hosts.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Good Luck !!!



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GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, Red Hat and others

Cant pipe output of find to ls, why?

Why can't I pipe the output of find command to to ls?

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