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Hard Drive Problems - need advice


I have had good results using

They have a free version, which I have used it on several drives that people have brought to me, hoping to recover pictures, etc.

Hope you can salvage the data!

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A+, Network+, IT Fundamentals

Backlight Inverter/board

Thanks man! Usually when I talk to you through the screen you can't hear me, even if I am another red-green colorblind Zach!

A friend had a guess that sounds like it could be accurate, that maybe portions of lcd screens work with low-volt DC, and it regulates/converts voltage/current-type for varying needs in a unit, a CCFL LCD, higher volt requirement comes to mind. But we're just guessing.

Of course with the iMac link you provided, it's quickly apparent that it would need an inverter, since the whole unit runs off of one power source, but as far as I can tell it's not just all-in-one monitors.

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CCENT, CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Security
CCNP Switch Exam passed today.

Man what a doozie, I have not been in CCNP mode for a long time. Took exam 1 month ago and struggled a bit and failed. Took test today, struggled a hell of a lot more than a bit and passed. You need to really know your crap for this exam. I feel like I know my stuff but honestly I cant believe how tricky they get.

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MTA, MCSA Windows 8, MCSE Windows Server 2012
SMTP Notifications

@Waqkas-Ahmed ,

I don't have a lot of Exchange experience, maybe someone else will add some ideas.

Here is a link to Microsoft Docs that might help.

Is a valid domain that the Exchange server is allowed to handle?

You should also research the Tarpit for **'0.00:00:05.461' due to 'DelayedAck' log entry.
Here are a couple of links that might be relevant...

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Security+, CASP, CEH, SSCP and CISSP
Provisionally passed CCSP

I was about to post asking whether CCSP would be updated as I'm thinking of doing it this year to get some cloud certs going.

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Mac Integration Basics 10.11 - Data Management and Backup


Please submit this to: This will insure that that issue is logged and addressed by the proper team. Include the episode name to help them isolate. Thanks!

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IT Service Managment

ITIL 4 Intermediate Level courses - question to Jo Peacock

Hi Olga,

Congratulations on your Foundation result! That's a great pass mark!

I'll be starting to record the CDS in early February and it will be available in our as each episode is recorded. I'll be recording the remaining Intermediate courses back-to-back after that.

In terms of buying the books. Our courseware is accredited for you to pass the exam and is available for you to download so you will have access to that. Courseware is designed to supplement the official publication and so I would certainly recommend you purchasing that. TSO are doing a deal for those that purchase the entire suite from them, so I'd take a look at them for purchase.

Thanks very much

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AWS, Amazon Web Services, Cloud Services


@Adam-Tyler said in AWS and OSPF:

I still don't fully grasp the idea of the VPC, but thus far I have been able to figure out that a VPC is married to an EC2 instance when it is created and cannot be changed.

VPC is actually a pretty simple concept. It's a virtual network. This AWS re:Invent 2018 video on YouTube explains it quite clearly.

If you're interested, I have created a very long, not yet sorted AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate playlist on YouTube to complement my ITProTV studies. It consists of lots of AWS re:Invent and re:Inforce presentations, with most videos coming from the 2019 re:Invent conference that just occurred three weeks ago.

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Windows 10 Start Menu

Thank you Mike. I have enjoyed your InTune videos.

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Topics surrounding to VMware vSphere and related products

new exam 2VO.19

Im just about to finish up the VCP6.5-DCV (updated for 6.7) course but I was planning to register for the exam I noticed it changed. Does this course cover everything on this updated exam?
I do have a VCP6.5 foundation certification so I should not have to take another VMware course to fulfill all requirements, correct?

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