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Sharepoint Online - List sharing links via Powershell

@Ronnie-Wong No problem Sir Ronnie ;-)

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A+, Network+, Strata IT Fundamentals
Passed SK0-004 Server+

Hey Congrats Jae! Great job!

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CCENT, CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Security
PCs in Native VLAN is only a security concern if switch's management IP is in Native VLAN as well?


It's not necessarily bad for you to use it.

The conventional wisdom is that by default, for example on a Cisco switch, All ports are in VLAN1. Also because it is the VLAN default vlan, it makes it the NATIVE VLAN as well. The Native VLAN is distinguished in 802.1q (ISL doesn't recognize native vlan) as the vlan that doesn't tag it's traffic.

The best practice is to set the native vlan different from the default vlan. Conceptually, it's not VLAN 1 that's a security risk but the NATIVE VLAN that is the risk. The risk is double-tagging. So if you have devices on the native vlan, and an attacker figures out your native vlan that your devices are connected to they have a opening to attack those devices. The chances are not very high but it's still something to consider.

Also there are some devices that will not allow you to change your native vlan. The best practice here is to see if your device will allow you to tag the native vlan traffic so that even native vlan traffic going across the trunk will be tagged.

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MTA, MCSA Windows 8, MCSE Windows Server 2012
70-412 AD RMS Notes Missing?

@Nate, did you post any notes in response to my message because I checked the RMS episode I was talking about and there were NO notes. I thought there were more things to be posted beyond the link to the MS Lab. Are you saying the lab notes are listed for that episode?

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Security+, CASP, CEH, SSCP and CISSP
Just Passed my Security+ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David you can do it! And thank you for your service!

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Apple ASCP 10.12


Don Pezet and Mike Rodrick began with the Mac Integration this week but, I'm not sure when that's due to be complete before starting the ASCP or Technical Coordinator.

I know Don will be out of the office after today's show for the remainder of the week. So the Apple Sierra shows are beginning.

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IT Service Managment


Hey, thanks for the reply @Ronnie-Wong, I'll probably have to skim the Foundations course to see.

I just finised the Event Management episode. Very good information here. The only experience I had before was the ad-hoc things we do for Event Management (and monitoring).

Some key points for me:

There are three specific event categories (set by ITIL) The Event Trigger is the response to the event Key to someting being an event is that it is logged somewhere Monitoring is not the same as Event Management

As with Incident and Problem management, the overall goal is the minimize disruption to the business.

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