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Logon to domain via remote VPN


I hope all is well. Great question, let me see what we can do to help you out.

The short answer for you is "YES", but, ... The but is dependent on 2 things:

what version of the Cisco VPN are you using?


Does it offer support for integration with the Microsoft Always-On VPN solution offered for Windows 10, specifically, does it support the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which provides a guaranteed core API layer across devices, eliminating the complexity of and problems often associated with writing kernel-level drivers. Currently, Windows 10 UWP VPN plug-ins exist for Pulse Secure, F5 Access, Check Point Capsule VPN, FortiClient, and SonicWall Mobile Connect, but as far as I know, CISCO does not have a VPN plug-in yet.

The best thing to do will be for you to read up on Always-On VPNs a bit, start here:

The link above will give you the ability to start learning about Always-On. You would want the first of the four deployment scenarios discussed.

The issue is that if Cisco does not offer a VPN plug-in, then you would have to decide if you want to stick with them, or change to a solution that supports Always-On.

I hope that helps... Good Luck !!!!



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A+, Network+, Strata IT Fundamentals
NetBIOS: when we share printers, files or map drives on a network, do we still use NetBIOS or is it called differently today on modern Windows systems?

I wanted to add a little on the SMB protocol for clarification, while I am not sure that this will help on the exam, it might help for understanding the SMB protocol packet exchange:

Keep in mind that SMB allows you to print to share printers as well

Step 1

The client and server establish a NetBIOS session. (This is the NetBIOS part see the packet capture below)

Step 2

The client and server negotiate the Microsoft SMB Protocol dialect.

Step 3

The client logs on to the server.

Step 4

The client connects to a share on the server.

Step 5

The client opens a file on the share.

Step 6

The client reads from the file.

Here is a Windows 10 Workstation below using NETBIOS:
0_1532115414415_Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 3.19.58 PM.png

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CCENT, CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Security
Cisco equipment

It is hard getting Cisco hardware with up to date IOS installed. I did a Cisco Virtual Lab and use Packet Tracer. I messed with GNS but I would need to strip VIRL of the IOS files to get it to work completely and violate my EULA. Cisco also has 3000 minute practice labs for CCNP level that contain everything. I have not tried the ITPro stuff.

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MTA, MCSA Windows 8, MCSE Windows Server 2012
SCCM deployments questions

Is there a way to deploy patches to a specific servers or workstation only instead of the whole group?

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Security+, CASP, CEH, SSCP and CISSP


Just a quick update on our filming and show output. We are a bit ahead of the schedule I posted above as of today Wednesday, July 18th, the following are COMPLETELY done and should be available in the Library:

Domain 1
Domain 2
Domain 4
Domain 5
Domain 6
Domain 8

Domain 7 will be finished by Friday, July 20th.

Domain 3 will be done NO LATER THEN Friday August 3rd.


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First Aid Not able to fix disk

Try an Ubuntu Live Boot CD or USB drive. You can read the file system and copy your data off the drive.

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IT Service Managment

ITIL Practitioner Worksheets

Thank you. Would you mind adding the slides as well? Jo mentions that they should be in there.

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