Topics that don't fit in to the other categories
Software Recommendation to remove "Duplicate Photos" for Windows 10

Looking for software to handle duplication of photos. Does anyone have some recommendations ?

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A+, Network+, IT Fundamentals, Security+, Server+

Security+ Command Line/Log Analysis

@Kevin-Gates I am sorry to hear about the failed attempt, let's help get you the knowledge you need. Check out the Operational Security and Incident Response
section. We touch base on these topics, however interacting with these topics/tools/logs will strengthen your knowledge base. I would also recommend reviewing the following objectives and study them one at a time


Use this list as a check list and install some of these tools in a Windows or Linux machine with tools like VirtualBox, so you can get a feel for the output of the tools and logs. This will be a tremendous help in passing the exam.

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SD-WAN course

SD-WAN is part of Fortinet and Cisco firewalls. I have a Fortinet 60E firewall at home with SD-WAN. You configure SD-WAN by adding in both WAN ports. I have two ISPs. After that, you add the destination to the internet as the SD-WAN. You don't do much more with it. QoS and packet rules just point to SD-WAN instead of an interface. You can to policy based routing to individual interfaces and setup QoS to give priority. Usually not really needed. What did you want to know about SD-WAN?

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MTA, MCSA Windows 10, MCSE Windows Server 2019

New Windows Server exams coming

Will the new Windows Server Hybrid be coming to the ITPro.TV roadmap for 2021 or 2022? As I see the exams will be released in December of 2021.

AZ-800: Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure
AZ-801: Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services

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Security+, CASP, CEH, CISM, SSCP and CISSP

Static and dynamic packet filtering

Thanks for your reply , It is clear now.

Best Regards,


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System is taking up storage.


I was hoping that would be enough...

but you can also try theses:

List files and folders - totalling the size to include subfolders:

du -sk * | sort -nr

List folders and hidden (system folders) - totalling the size to include subfolders:

du -d 1 . | sort -nr

List the 10 largest subdirectories in the current directory:

du -hs */ | sort | head

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IT Service Managment

Suggested course for after Foundations

For operations type work, I would totally agree that CDS is the best. For general purposes I would recommend DPI as that covers the gamut of governance, Continual Improvement, and Strategy for IT. Cheers!

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AWS, Amazon Web Services, Cloud Services

Why are the notes for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (SAA-C02) empty?

@Austin-Harisch The standard for notes is the objectives and a high-level overview of the episode. The Subject Matter Expert has the discretion to include additional detail and resources. Thank you for alerting us to the empty notes - like you sampled in the "Latency, Failover and Geolocation" episode! We will work to resolve that oversight in future iterations.
In the meanwhile, visit the AWS Certified Solution Architect information page - here you can download objectives, study guides and sample test to enrich your studies.

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Topics related to Microsoft Azure

How to apply the screensaver via Intune


I hope that you are all well!

Could you provide the guide or thoughts how to apply the screensaver via Intune for Windows 10 Pro devices,please. What is the best way to implement? Where to store the file except the Azure blob. Could this be done via OneDrive or Sharepoint site created for the Screensavers? So I could uploaded the file there and provide the link in Intune.

It seems that the screensavers are only supported for Windows 10 Enterprise devices.
Could you provide the ideas for the implementation,please.

Many thanks.
Kind regards.


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Topics surrounding to VMware vSphere and related products


You can use VMWare 6 U3 according to the VMWare Compatibility Matrix

I would get the HP VMWare 6 image for the HP 380e Gen 8. It has your drivers and then follow the

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GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, Red Hat and others

Which Linux Certification and Distro

You need to learn Redhat and Debian. I recommend setting up two VM: CentOS and Ubuntu/Mint/Kali. Redhat is more of commercial Linux. It is used in Enterprise. Debian is

They are not the same in commands or setup. It is good to be familiar with both of them.

The Linux exams are not based on any version/flavor of Linux. So you need to understand the commands and how to for both Redhat and Debian to get a job. I prefer Ubuntu and Kali over CentOS. I have worked with both.

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PMP, Prince2, SCRUM, and Agile

Domain People - Task 7 "address and remove impediments, obstacles and blockers for the team"

Hi @Giuseppe-Ercolani

The content is actually in the course where Zach and I discuss "Servant Leadership". This is part of the Agile/Hybrid material that is not in the PMBOK 6 or 7. That's why there is a list of other materials that the exam might pull from as we discuss a few times. Here they are with approximate costs from The material that is discussed in Task 7 of People comes from the Agile Practice Guide and Essential Scrum: A practical guide.

Agile Practice Guide $39

Project managers Portable Handbook, 3rd Edition - $54 new $20 used on amazon

Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide $40


Fundamentals of Technology Project Management 2nd Edition - $35

Hope that helps!

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