Hello Everyone,

I was going through the videos on advanced permissions with FACL and had a few questions. Setting up lets say a file server on centos Id like to get some insight on the correct way to do this.

My thoughts are I would mount a volume in /mnt/CORPDATA and create a few sub folders Sales Marketing Accounting and so on and set permissions on the folders as James : Marketing , James : Sales James : Accounting and then if i needed sales to have access to the Marketing material i could add an FACL to allow read or read/write to the marketing folder for them.

I did this on my centos box and it showed James is the owner, Marketing is the group owner and getfacl shows Accounting : rw .....figured that should be working..... When i switched to a Sales user (zach) and try to touch a file to that directory it says permisssion denied.

What would be the correct TOP - DOWN permsssions for a structure that looks like this?

structure ......... /mnt/CORPDATA sub folders /CORPDATA/Marketing /CORPDATA/Sales /CORPDATA/Accounting

really hope this made sense......thanks!